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Musician Farrell Williams (Pharrell Williams) in recent years, with major brands, designed to launch a series of rave fashion According to "ELLE" magazine UK website on May 28 reported that Farrell and Adidas (Adidas) latest collaboration products -. Hand-painted "Stan Smith" series running shoes on sale the same day, as another series of high-end sports blockbuster single product. The series of ten pairs, Farrell whom pay a great effort. Price € 500 per pair (about 4253.2 yuan), Paris Camelot fashion store is the only designated point of sale, and the sale proceeds will be donated to children's charitable foundation established Farrell. How can we love fashion and caring fans miss this good opportunity? If you think this series single product is not enough fun , Farrell XAdidas will be new again and again in early August, so we do please look forward to it!
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